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The CRETAN ENERGY CLUSTER is a small cluster for renewable energies and environmental  technologies, providing services for green-tech companies  in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies,  located on Crete, Greece.In order to strengthen and extend it's position, the CRETAN ENERGY CLUSTER is supporting member companies as a personal business partner through innovation and R&D support, international marketing and access to new markets.The cluster includes 10 companies which employ more than 140 people.We expect that the members of the cluster will be 20 till the end of 2012.The CRETAN ENERGY CLUSTER is one of the best examples of energy clusters in Greece,it provides a wide range of activities to the cluster members, e.g. promotional campaigns, support in exhibitional activities, internationalization and training activities.

Below are summarised some of the factors we are working on:

  • We  have close contacts with the cluster members trying to understand their needs and interests.
  • Develop the cluster initiative on a long term and strategic approach for future cooperation and market development.
  • Make sure that the management organisation and involved parties have the trust of the potential members and the experience , social skills, technical competence and network required.
  • Involve a large group of different types of stakeholders such as small, medium and large businesses, public organisations and universities.
  • Make sure that the cluster is backed by the local authorities and establish close contacts between the regional/local government and administration and the management organization.
  • Work hard for a long term public support for the cluster activities, especially  the cluster management organisation.
  • Highlight the added-value of regional market development in terms of job creation, environmental benefits, export trade, indirect impacts on economy and promotion of the region.
  • Try to have simple, non-bureaucratic but well functioning administrative routines within the cluster.
  • Initiate joint activities as soon as possible to foster networking and cooperation between the businesses.
  • Support members in project implementation and getting financial support.
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